My story

I’ve loved cooking (and eating!) for about as long as I can remember, but my passion for nutrition didn’t begin until later. In university while studying Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph I became fascinated with how the body uses the fuel we give it. At the time I was particularly interested in how diet impacted exercise performance. After finishing up my undergraduate degree I decided to continue my studies by pursuing a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.

After spending several years working in academia at the University of Calgary, I decided to return to school to obtain to pursue a career in nutrition. My wife and I picked up our lives and moved north to Edmonton so I could complete the coursework and internship required to become a Registered Dietitian.

Now as a Registered Dietitian I returned to work in academia for several years as the research coordinator of the Human Nutrition Research Unit at the University of Alberta. In 2013, my wife accepted an amazing teaching opportunity in Egypt, so we picked up our lives again and moved to Cairo. In Cairo I ran a small private practice out of a local expatriate community centre, where I expanded my knowledge of the cultural/dietary differences between Middle Easterners (and really people from all over the world) and Canadians. I returned to Edmonton in 2016 and am currently working as research coordinator in the area of pediatric weight management at the University of Alberta.

Over the years I have witnessed a great deal of misinformation when it comes to diet and nutrition. I have seen how confused the general public is about healthy eating, and how unscrupulous individuals capitalize on this confusion.

This is why I decided to create Nutrition M.O.

My hope is that Nutrition M.O. can counter of the myths that have become so pervasive among the general public and be a source for those seeking reliable, evidenced-based information about health and nutrition.

What does Nutrition M.O. mean?

Of course M.O. refers to my name (Marcus O’Neill), but it doesn’t only represent my initials. It also refers to the latin phrase, modus operandi, which is used to describe the best approach or method of operation. In other words: “Nutrition is what I do.”

Why an avocado logo?

There are few foods as recognizably healthy as the avocado. They’re loaded with heart healthy monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) and a great source of other minerals and nutrients. But more importantly, they are delicious. Any day that involves guacamole is a good day in my books.
Happy eating!

– Marcus O’Neill, MSc RD